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Our Custom Solutions

Organizations, while exhibiting similarities in operation, have qualities that make them unique; Therefore, the one size fits all approach to technology simply does not work. Designing and implementing an effective Corporate Media Center™(CMC) requires a massive shift in the organization’s approach to knowledge base management and intellectual properties management. While many IT departments are still working on integrating mainstream Technology into their daily business activities, taking on a whole new Technology becomes a challenge. Streaming Media is taking corporate communication to a whole new level. Recognizing and appreciating this enormous challenge, PowerStream’s team of professionals have developed PowerFlex™, an effective, simple design and implementation methodology created to dismantle the stress associated with the process.

Consulting Services

Our design philosophy is based on a consultative approach. Learning about our clients’ needs, desires and technological capabilities, allows us to custom design the best-fit solution that will yield the highest return on investment. Our Consulting Services focus on the design and implementation of an effective CMC. Our collective expertise will save your company significant resources by eliminating the learning curve of implementation and providing the ongoing maintenance of your electronic media center. We combine both science and art in our approach.

Our Consulting Services target three different market segments:

  • Large Corporate Implementation
  • Mid Market Solutions
  • Small Business Services

PowerStream Technology experts will find the solution for you regardless of your organization’s size. Our unique PowerFlex™ Modular Solution Platform allows us to address any company's needs. A small investment will take your company’s communication abilities to the next level. PowerStream’s approach proves it. We are committed to making Streaming Media affordable, scalable and profitable.

PowerStream’s marketing and communications experts will assist your company in addressing some of today’s immediate needs:

  • Corporate Communication
    • Executive Briefing
    • Leadership Conferences
    • Town Meetings
    • Analyst Briefing
  • Marketing Campaign Enhancement
  • Sales Support
  • Distance Learning Capabilities
  • Remote Training Capacity
  • Interactive Knowledge Base
  • Remote Conferencing

There are many recent case studies that point to the hard cash benefits of using this Technology. Streaming Media is an evolutionary stage in the Internet revolution, you can join it or be left behind – it's your choice. PowerStream experts can get you started immediately and effectively. We will not charge to get to know your company. Call us and find out how PowerStream can add “hard cash” to your bottom line.

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