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About PowerPresenter™

Audio and video is only part of the communications equation. PowerPresenter completes the equation by enabling visuals such as PowerPoint, images, charts, slides and animations to be dynamically synchronized with both live WebCasts and OnDemand media. Support material dramatically increases viewer interest and clarity of your message. PowerPresenter incorporates both Streaming Media and support material into a synchronized delivery package that enables web users to receive a truly dynamic, cohesive message. When you're talking about a “which-a-ma-call-it”, your users will see a picture of it and know exactly what a “which-a-ma-call-it” is. This technology also enables the web user, of a live WebCast, to see what is happening at the broadcast venue on the ‘big screen’. Here again, PowerPresenter enables synchronization of the web-based presentation with the live venue, giving your users the next best thing to actually being there, therefor increasing retention of the message.

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