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PowerServer Architecture™

This is not a piece of hardware; it is a design philosophy that enables PowerStream’s Streaming Media Hosting System to be scalable and flexible enough to cost effectively fit each customer. This design ensures delivery from a robust server architecture to clean, scalable bandwidth. PowerStream can handle any size project from live WebCasts with thousands of concurrent viewers to entry level onDemand hosting packages.

PowerStream’s PowerServer Architecture™ is based on the fact that no individual server is fault tolerant. We have built a complete server system that is made up of multiple redundant media servers. If we encounter any failure within our system, the whole of the system will still remain online streaming your content. This Architecture provides an ultra robust hosting platform that provides redundancy, while also providing optimization of performance.

PowerStream is not an Internet service provider or domain host. Our infrastructure is dedicated only to hosting Streaming Media and event content. PowerStream is dedicated to scaling our infrastructure to meet the needs of our clients. We continue to add servers as load increases to bring down the marginal average of the overall system. This maintains low per server utilization, allowing us to sustain maximum throughput during peak usage periods. We also dedicate segments of our system for exclusive projects to provide the priority you require.

The Network

No matter how good the server infrastructure, a hosting service is only as good as how it connects to the rest of the world. We partner with multiple backbone providers to fuel our Server System with robust International Internet backbone connectivity. Our DataCenters are connected through multiple, redundant fiber optic connections in a fault tolerant, geographically triangulated networking model. If any part of the network sustains heavy utilization, your media is immediately routed to a faster circuit.

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors circuits 24/7, assuring quality throughput minute by minute. Additionally, public and private peering arrangements with national backbone providers allow Streaming Media to be routed directly into these networks, bypassing crowded public Internet circuits. We are dedicated to scaling our bandwidth and continue to add geographically redundant DataCenters to increase our capacity.

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