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Press Releases

Stream at 2100ft below sea level should make big splash
The Lost City, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge Jul. 23-Aug. 1, 2005
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is broadcasting live video from a number of aquatic locations, including the Lost City, thanks to a streaming appliance from VBrick Systems, Inc., and a global streaming infrastructure from PowerStream. While ROVs explore the ocean’s floor to generate a video feed for thirsty minds, and while VBrick’s video appliance encodes that video feed back at the shore, PowerStream delivers the video feed to Internet-enabled devices from multiple datacenters.
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OCLC brings first ILLiad Conference to the world
Dublin, OH March 17-18, 2005
On the 8th Anniversary of the ILLiad Inter-Library Loan system, OCLC hosted the first International Illiad Meeting. The summit was International because OCLC contracted PowerStream to webcast the entire event live...
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Custom Features, Quick Turnaround
Charlotte, NC March 15, 2005
Digitas, the online ad agency for FedEx Racing, approached PowerStream with an idea. They wanted to give fans an opportunity to chat with Jason Leffler, the FedEx #11 driver. Webcasting seemed to be the perfect format to allow fan-access while keeping within a reasonable budget. As a leader among digital marketing agencies, Digitas needed to meet its own rigorous expectations for the event...
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PowerStream Financial Report
Troy, MI January 4, 2005
The fourth quarter earnings analysis for PowerStream—a streaming media solutions provider located in the Automation Alley corridor of South-Eastern Michigan—shows that total sales increased by 26% compared with the previous fiscal year. PowerStream also saw a 28% increase in net income with a 24% increase in gross profit for 2004...
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PowerStream lowers storage pricing
Troy, MI June 15, 2004
PowerStream has lowered its Storage pricing for On Demand Content. Like their DataTransfer pricing, PowerStream’s Storage pricing scales downward...
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Live video feeds from Titanic
Atlantic Ocean June 2004
On June 7th, 2004, at 9pm EST, National Geographic featured the very first broadcast of a program with a live video feed from the Titanic, which sits nearly 2.5 miles under the surface of the ocean. If you missed the show, you can still...
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Detroit News features PowerStream
Detroit, MI May 4, 2004
The business section of The Detroit News features PowerStream with a full length article. PowerStream has seen steady growth on a national scale...
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PowerStream broadcasts State of City Address
Detroit, MI February 25, 2004
Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick's annual State of the City Address has been rebroadcast using PowerStream's PowerPlay technology. After the local Fox, NBC, and ABC stations televised the event from Orchestra Hall to the Metropolitan area, PowerStream released it to Detroiters abroad.
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Cii Productions Partnership
Plymouth, MI January 2, 2004
Cii Productions, a video production company based in Plymouth, Michigan, specializes in a broad range of corporate communications. From consulting services to full production solutions, Cii’s techniques and attention to detail make it an ideal choice for vertical markets that thrive on flexibility and dependability.
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