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Where is it heading?

The traditional Web world is stagnant; ideas are represented with words and still images. Yes, the content can be dynamically updated and the user can receive fresh content, but it must be read to gain its meaning. There is something lost from the human equation. The Internet insolates us from other users, leaving us only to read words, not hear a voice or see a face. Streaming Media is the next component and a huge step in the Internet revolution.

The web experience enhanced by Streaming Media is far more powerful at informing, educating and selling than other technologies. This new approach is about to replace the world of the stagnant web with multimedia experiences that leave the user breathless and hungry for more. It’s about “spicing” up your corporate personality with new dimensions. Are you hooked yet? Good!

How can Streaming Media boost your business?

Visual media such as television has become the standard for communication. With Streaming Media Technology, you can bring the same standard of communication to your web presence. From full motion advertising and eLearning to corporate communications and public/investor relations, find out how businesses from every industry sector are saving money and generating revenues. Learn how using Streaming Media as a business tool can help your bottom line today. The possibilities of Streaming Media are limited only by your imagination. PowerStream’s dynamic product line can widen the range of your applications and elevate the user's experience.

Recent studies find the following top motivations for the use of Streaming Media Technology:

  • Reach a bigger audience
  • Cut sales overhead
  • Save travel time and expense
  • Deliver content on demand
  • Find and deliver information faster

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