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What about quality?

Many corporate executives and business owners, criticize the quality of Streaming Media. They miss the whole point. Streaming Media is not primarily about quality. It's about accessibility. It's about being able to sit in an office in Topeka and receive content live from Tokyo, or whenever you want it, in any format you want it, as fast as you want it.

Most Internet users do get the point. Historically, all forms of media have been criticized in comparison to the old one. Any emerging medium offers innovative capabilities that the old one does not. With Streaming Media, it is all about access. The image may not be as large or as clear as television, but when the user clicks on that link and gets media on demand, that is real power.

On the other hand, Streaming Media quality is improving by leaps and bounds. The quality today is better than the quality six months ago. And it will continue to improve at a phenomenal rate. Streaming Media is here to stay.

But what about all these formats?

The main factor that drives improvement in any new Technology is competition. That being said, end users and service providers are often frustrated over the fact that there is no one streaming standard. We say, so what?

So while standards are an important goal, human nature and the financial factor will always leave some things unsettled. Although, we do not have a single standard, the Streaming Media industry has established a small selection of platforms to choose from that we consider market standards:


Streaming Media is all about making choices. What format is cost effective? What format will deliver best to your audience? What technologies do you like working with?


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